Friday, July 24, 2015

Why do we love memes and tags so much?

So I was looking back on my blog and I see that I have quite an abundance of memes and the like as my posts, moreso than reviews it seems! While I see nothing wrong with memes, I wonder at my, and possibly other people's, semi-addiction to them. Here follow my ideas for why possibly they're so popular with us bloggers:

1. They're easy to do
Read so many of your TBR list? Finish a book you haven't touched in a while? Can do! Especially with the impetus of signing up with a meme exclaiming your goal. Then you get it done and get a reward! I don't mean like a raffle or giveaway (though those are cool), you know that you accomplished what you set out to do!

2. They're challenging to do
OK, so usually you read one book a week and this meme requires you to read three. You roll up your sleeves and put on your best running shoes, because you've GOT THIS. It sounds difficult or insane, but you are determined to give it your all. Even if you don't make the finish line, I'll bet you'll be satisfied with how hard you pushed yourself.

3. Great way to network
More often than not, there's link sharing. So you get to put yourself out there in a nice way, for those of you who are worried about leaving your links behind.

4. Learn about yourself and fellow bloggers
Sometimes the questions we tag each other with are hard, or require detailed answers. Everyone answering the same thing helps us see each other with the same 'interview' yet with our own flair. Answering such questions make you perhaps think more deeply on why you love a certain book or genre perhaps.

5. Give/get book recommendations
If you're asked for these, it's always great to share your favorites with others, or look around to see what other people who's tastes are dis/similar enjoy. Even memes as Stacking the Shelves might give you an idea for something you want to try that you may not have otherwise heard about.

6. Lovely logos
Yes, collecting logos to place on top of your posts may be something akin to Pokemania. Just gotta catch 'em all.

What other reasons can you think for our love of memes/tags?

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