Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 1 & 2: A Tarker's Hollow BBW Shifter Romance Serial (Curse of the Alpha #1 & 2)

Tasha Black
Format: Kindle eBook (free at the time)
Dates Read: 6/22-6/23

Ainsley Conner returns to her hometown to finalize her parent’s affairs. She moved away in college and now lives in New York, never looking back. However the other werewolves won’t let her leave so easily, not when they need her to choose an Alpha to rule the pack.

Was not a fan at how the chapters just felt jarring when they ended or began, or the awkward flashbacks. Also had a big problem with this Alpha-finding business. She has to pick the next Alpha, but she has to mate with them for life. So does that mean her options are to find someone she loves who will make a horrible Alpha or a good leader she can’t get along with? Ugh.

I had to look up what BBW means because of the title. And I don’t think it’s a useful, nor accurate, term. But figuring how Ainsley decides CONSTANTLY if someone is “her type” merely by their looks, I guess personality doesn’t have to count for much. She’s not really described that much, and remarks concerning her “voluptuousness” are vague and redundant. Unfortunately, her thought process feels like ‘oh she felt bad about herself, but she felt hotter than those skinny bitches’. Can’t someone just like themselves for who they are? Without putting anyone else down? I wouldn’t say she’s a strong character, she’s more feisty if I had to pick a single word. The way she’s shallow makes her not easy to like, or the way she dismisses these guys at times. I can understand telling them she’s not interested, but she more shoves them away in a tiff, or just ignores them.

I did like that it was a quick read and it was free. And I suppose the sexy men everywhere, even though only like one seemed a cool guy that I actually wanted to learn more about because he seemed REAL. The setup of suspense as to a deeper plot didn’t come until about the second episode, so that did make me curious about parts 3&4. I do have to say the sex scenes were a bit steamy, though a little rushed feeling, which I hope changes in the next parts. Though I likely wouldn’t spend a lot of money on them, I am curious to see what happens here!

RATING: 2 stars

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