Sunday, July 12, 2015

When you just can't finish a book but really want to


 I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I am having the toughest time with it! It's the first Lovecraft book I've ever read. I love horror games and movies and tropes, and decided that it was high time I take in some Lovecraft, right? This grand decision came like maybe a year ago.

Since then I've been going through the stories. Twice I've hit them when my mind is clear and ready, and zoomed through several pages in a sitting. But the rest has been slow and steady. VERY SLOW. I do have a favorite story, which I loved during reading it and after "The Reveal", but I'll talk about that whenever I get to review it. I still enjoy the rest, but I think it's his language maybe. The sentences are long but he justs talks SO SMART.

Most of the words I don't recognize I can pick up from context, but his sentences are just twists and gnarls and branches that sometimes I can't follow. You know how when you're reading, you start to realize you got absolutely nothing from the last paragraph and have to go back? It keeps happening to me! I think I have less than a third of the book to read through, but I dread it. I dread not making progress I think. Especially now that I'm flying through romances and YA like a madwoman (madbear?)!

But I refuse to give up. This is not a bad book, and it's not impossible either. I know I can do it if I just MAKE myself do it. And I will have enjoyed it once I've finished it. I just have the fear that it's going to take another year to do so!

Do you all have any books you have trouble getting through? Any you've abandoned but didn't want to, or had to drag them on and on?


  1. I can't read Lovecraft. I tried to once.

    1. As much as I like him at times, I doubt I'll get another book with his stuff for a while, heh.


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