Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Lord of the Storm (The Coalition Rebellion #1)

Format: Kindle eBook
Dates Read: 6/19-6/20/15

This is the first novel I've read that has been recommended to me as a romance with a tragically hurt hero rescued by a strong woman. Oh yiiiiisssss. I love to finagle with these kinds of themes in my own writing, and I'm delighted to find out it's a "thing" other people like that exists out there! But anyway, onto my review:

Fighter pilot Shaylah is highly decorated, captain of her own ship, and generally a badass sort of character. She takes leave with a friend and is given access to Wolf, a sex slave of five years. He does not obey merely because of his station, but because of a collar he wears. It permits control of his libido, his thoughts, pain, and can even inflict death. Though subservient, he is not broken and Shaylah wants to help him. In fact, she’ll even have to risk her position and her life to save him!

So, I must say that Wolf was never quite as broken as I was hoping for *blush*. Yes he suffers from being a slave, but my personal preference was for Shaylah to really bring him up from nothing. However, whenever he’d regain some of his strength/confidence/what-have-you, I was glad to see that Shaylah did not suddenly lose her own and become a weakling. The sci fi element was lite, but still had enough to be enjoyable, including a space battle! The sex I felt was a bit "meh" and repetitive, but not over the top. What most bothered me was that the couple had their misunderstandings OFTEN. I can understand a few, but when it's like a running gag, it is annoying and hurts the story. You’d think after they've bared their souls after the last five misunderstandings they wouldn't take a minute to clarify their situation a bit. But it's not as grating as other books where both partners get unrealistically depressed and broody on top of those misunderstandings. Being somewhat upset, such as this novel had, is perfectly OK and realistic. They were a great couple from beginning to end, trying to understand each other in different ways throughout. I enjoyed how well they complimented each other!

Overall it was a really fun story with enough talk of punishments and torture that I really felt for the hero, but not so much to be squicked out. Plus he was hot in almost every description. And I was happy to see the characters when they were happy together or working on a problem. Glad this was my first book by Davis, because I certainly would like to give some of her others a try!

Rating: 4.5 stars

EDIT: Let it also be known I would love for recommendations similar to this novel in particular. I can't help but enjoy big strong men hurt and needing a friend, or companion, or lover to help them heal. 

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