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I'm sure a lot of us download free romance novels to read because there are SO very many of them out there. And then the little guys breed like rabbits in our eReaders. Why don't we share our reviews/impressions so we can find the best ones to read?

1. Read a free romance book (this was started for legally free eBooks, but you can count anything gifted, borrowed, ARC, etc!)
2. Review it on your blog. If you can and it's still available, share the link to the free book.
3. Link back here by using the code below.
4. Leave your link to the specific blog post (NOT your main site) in a comment here or on the recent week's TF post. Or the linky tool, though there may be bugs I gotta work through, please let me know!
5. Delight in reading reviews by real people who's likes/dislikes you can compare to and thus find a romance you most likely will enjoy :D

Cynthia Eden - http://www.cynthiaeden.com/
Format: Kindle eBook (free at the time on  amazon but no longer )
Did it feel like a full novel: yes
Genre: romance, slight thriller/mystery
Dates Read: July 14-16 2015
Official Blurb: He was hired to protect her. 

Watching gorgeous Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard job—but it certainly was tempting. Chance Valentine had tried to keep his distance from the sexy socialite for years, but when her father hired him to keep watch on her—as a twenty-four, seven bodyguard—Chance knew his control was about to be pushed to the limit. 

He’d never wanted another woman the way he desired her. Hot. Intense. Consuming. Being so close to Gwen, Chance knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. So he gave into his need, her need, and he took them both to the edge of a dark and consuming desire. 

But Chance soon realizes that he isn’t the only one watching Gwen. Someone else is out there, a stalker who won’t rest until Gwen is destroyed. Every day, every moment…Gwen is in danger. And Chance knows that if he can’t unmask the stalker, then he may just lose the only woman he has ever loved. 

First off, if you at all think you want to read this novel, please do it before you read the synopsis of the others of the same short series! You may spoil something for yourself :[

Starting this book, I wasn’t into Chance’s possession that much. Especially when they’ve had some sort of break up or rebuff situation that you don’t get the details of until much later. Sure he sounds like a good guy sorta, but he seems more concerned with his own desires for Gwen than for Gwen’s happiness regardless of where he’d fit in her life. But as you see them together a little more, there’s a decent base of relationship that it doesn’t feel so weird anymore. Other characters get introduced who’ll be in the other books, but with enough info on them that you know who they are here. I am very curious about Lex, being that twice it’s mentioned his smile is not a nice one. As ‘dangerous’ as Chance is (something that is mentioned but never really shown so perhaps it's just a ploy to make him sound hotter), I have a feeling Lex is a lot worse. Rather intrigued here, as long as he doesn’t turn into a jackhole alpha type :/

The semi relationship that’s hinted between Will and another lady makes me wish their was a book about them, but maybe we’ll pick up stuff from the other books already written. Will didn’t really feel real on his own, but his lady-friend and his daughter kinda help a little. Regarding Gwen, I’m not too sure if I liked her or not, overall. At first I didn’t care for her because of the vague history, but after getting more info, I felt neutral. She wasn’t outright cool, but neither was she annoying. Just kinda there, but with barely enough personality to make her and Chance be cute together.

The sex was a bit boring, but the leads up were good. Maybe it was just because the actual sex acts seemed rushed? But it’s not too graphic if you just want to know they got it on without having to watch it. When it comes to story, it develops just right, giving you info as needed in the beginning, then running with the tension closer to the end. Not the greatest plot for a romance, but still believable and it gave it solidity. Not a heavy mystery, but a perfect amount for me that has to be in the mood for full mysteries.

I have a zillion other free romances to read, but if I didn’t, I’m pretty sure I would have bought the second novel already. I will eventually, because though this book started as a 2 for me, it went up before I got too far. I’d recommend it to readers of romance who aren’t big fans of too much drama, as there’s only a wee bit and it doesn’t get overly exaggerated where you want to slap the characters. 

Rating: 3 Stars

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