Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness #1)

Tamora Pierce
Format: Kindle eBook
Dates Read: 6/20-6/22/15
Alanna is the daughter of a Lord Trebond, and her twin brother and herself are about to be sent out to their respective life training. However Alanna does not wish to be a lady, and wants to be a warrior. Her brother Thom does not want to be a knight, he’d rather be learning magic. Looks like the old switcheroo it is! Alanna becomes ‘Alan’ and devotes herself as best she can to her studies, making friends along the way. But she fears discovery, though there is nothing else she wants more than to be a warrior maiden.

I like this first book intro into its series, which I read based on a recommendation from a friend. It’s a relatively quick read, so if you like fantasy or general female coming of age stories, I would suggest it! Granted, being for younger readers makes it a little a too much a quick read at times. I would have loved to learn more about their magic, as it popped in randomly, and I couldn’t figure out what was “normal magic” as opposed to people with “strong magic”. Also, I wished for a bit more info on Thom, but as he’s not in such a precarious position, his story is likely not as fascinating as Alanna’s. I love that it’s just the beginning of a fairly large series which involves books in the next generation and far past prequels. The fight scenes were well done without too many details bogging you down, just enough to see what’s going on. The other characters didn’t feel too deep or involved, but they aren’t cardboard cutouts and I’m sure they’ll develop nicely as the series progresses. Recommended for younger readers, especially people who like heroine books but are tired of the recently popular love triangles.

Rating: 4 Stars

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