Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MEME - High Summer Read-a-Thon [Seasons of Reading]

I love how this sounds! Pretty much, during the week of July 20-26th your goal with this is pretty much to just READ as much as you can. They also have a twitter hashtag #HSreadathon full of people's goals, accomplishments, etc!

So at first I wanted a super high goal, but then I realize I'm already a day and a half behind since I just heard about this. Guess I'll have to limit myself to just a few, but wish me luck!

1. Atlas Shrugged - currently at page 445 - goal is to get done with Part Two
2. Abuse - currently at  page 180 - goal is to finish book
3. Dirty Bad Savage - currently at 48% - goal is to finish book
4. read and finish any other free romance novel anew
5. get 50 pages done of any paperback book I've currently reading

What are you all trying to do? Feel free to post your links to blog posts about this or twitter names so I can check y'all out :D What's your biggest challenge? I think Atlas Shrugged is mine. It's a fantastic novel, but because the challenges the protagonists are facing are frustrating, I have been bad about keeping on track.


  1. Welcome to my read-a-thon, Hazel! I'm behind too. I've been busy with the last days of an out of town guest visiting so I'm really behind visiting blogs. I hope you're enjoying it so far. You have some great reading lined up.

    I LOVE your blog header!

    1. Got 2 and 3 done today, thanks to your read-a-thon's gentle push! I don't have a good reason to not be reading, I just kinda let them drag on a bit, eep. Certainly did enjoy finishing them, and was glad they both were damn good too. Thank you kindly, I think reading under the aurora borealis has to go on my bucket list now!


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