Tuesday, June 30, 2015

READ ALONG - The "Atlas Shrugged" Read Along [Book Chatter]

Tina at www.Bookchatter.net has created an online Read Along for several people to join in reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The time period is July 1 through Aug 15, which seems doable even for such a thick book. Once I read about it, I knew I had to join in too!

I've never read anything by Rand before, but their works are definitely on my "To Read" list. Being supported by others makes me really want to start tomorrow and get this book done! Though I've read suggestions that people should start with "Anthem" then "The Fountainhead", it seems it's a subjective choice, not really that important. So I shall go forth and do my best!

I'm a little worried that I may not keep up, or maybe I won't 'get' the important themes and all, but that's the big attraction of this being a Read Along. There'll be other people in the process of reading the same book in generally the same time frame, so who better to bounce ideas and questions with? I apologize for being a bit last minute, but I hope someone else might join us in this adventure!

Tina's direct link to her read along: http://bookchatter.net/2015/06/16/the-atlas-shrugged-read-along-atlasral

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kindle app loving

Just a short post here about my new toy. Not a real Kindle, though I hemmed and hawed about getting it or a Nook a few weeks ago. One of my friends always gushes about it, and the more I saw her with it, the more I really wanted one of my own! I mentioned considering one of the tablets ones, so I could download the opposite app and read both books (so I could pick the lower priced one). I did not know that both apps were available at the time, silly me.

So in order to help me make my decision, I downloaded both apps on my phone, a middle of the road used Samsung Galaxy 3, and figured I could see which one I preferred books in and I could buy it later. Two weeks later however, I really don't see the need to get an actual eReader :3 I like that my phone is lightweight and I really carry it with me everywhere. I'm really surprised just how many books I've read through this past week! Of course I've downloaded a boat load of free books, but actually purchased three I wish to read in particular. Already signed up to BookBub and downloaded the BookGorilla app to my phone. I initially got my first free eBooks on Amazon, but now I can't figure out how I set it up to show my those free titles. Guess it's something I'll keep having to mess with until I remember. If y'all have any recs for other apps/sites, I would be most thankful!

It was this incredible influx of books that I had access to as well as being able to read ANYWHERE that really pushed me to creating this blog. Granted, I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I enjoy having most the setup done. I guess this post is really just a shout out to a great app I never thought I would have gotten (I'm not a paperback snob, I was really mostly cautious of the monetary investment if I ended up not liking it) but really and truly enjoy :D

Do you all enjoy the Kindle and Nook apps? Do you have an eReader or reading tablet? Or do you prefer physical books?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Planet of the Apes

Author: Pierre Boulle
Format: Paperback (picked up at the used bookstore)
Dates Read: 6/06-6/18/15

This is a harder book to review because it’s a story most everyone at least somewhat knows. But I’ll try!

The novel begins with a couple enjoying a relaxing space flight that find a note in a bottle, and start reading about the bizarre adventure of Ulysse Mérou. Most of the book is what he wrote in the note, in first person. He talks about a voyage he and his two companions undertook to a planet ruled by civilized apes. Other humans are primitive and savage beasts, and Ulysse has to prove he is better than they. Because otherwise such beasts are merely used for inhuman (insimian?) experiments.

The sci fi parts were out there, but sparse. There were some philosophical bits, and of course, ideas about what should be the limits of the scientific experimentation regarding animal rights (not point blank, but it dos make you wonder). I’d only watched the Heston film perhaps two years ago, and I wish I had read the book first. Not because it’s richer, but rather the simpleness of the story translates into a very fascinating screenplay, in my opinion. Certainly does make me want to watch the newest version!

Rating: 3 stars

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CHALLENGE - 2015 Reading Challenge

Figure this is a decent way to begin my introduction. Hi, I'm Hazel. I've been reading some lovely book review blogs and wanted to start my own, which I have. Please excuse the mess while I finish up fixing my little corner of the internet. Please don't be shy and say hello if you have a minute, or otherwise comment on whatever I'm posting on! Recommend any titles too!

So to start I'm putting up this lovely challenge I believe I saw first on Pinterest. I like how open it is, and hope to complete it by the end of the year. I think my hardest ones to find will be an author with my same initials, and a favorite of my mother's (she's not really that much of a reader). What do you all think will be hardest for you to find or read through? Which ones are you eager to try?
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