Links and Disclaimers

Links and Disclaimers

All my reviews are subjective and personal opinions. None are exchanged for any form of compensation. If an author/publisher sends me a free copy, I reserve the right to give an honest and fair review. 

Current Hazel icon and banner were commissions from The Recurrent at who did a marvelous job! I think you should stop by their gallery and check out their lovely art!

Hazel in the About Me section is courtesy of Icarus of the fantastic sci fi webcomic Inhuman. He has a Patreon you should all support for sneak peaks of comic pages, extra world info, just all kinds of things you want to read about! And of course, incredible Patreon rewards such as this perfectly cuddly version of Hazel <3

Former polar bear picture for blog banner property was found on Wikipedia Commons, but with the folowing information: {{Information |Description=Polar Bear (Cub), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska |Source=[ ([]) |Date= Oct. 2007 |Au 

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