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Hello there, my name is Hazel M Bear, but you can just call me Hazel if you like!

In reality I am not a polar bear cub. Let me admit that now folks. But it'd be neat if I was!

I have loved reading books since I was fairly young. Though my parents were not the type to read to me, my father had an impressive library and he read every single evening. I was an only child, so I think reading was a way for me to have friends that I didn't have to talk to ;)

I do change genres a bit, though I kind of shy away from non-fiction for the most part. I guess my top three favorites would be sci fi, fantasy, and romance. Or any combination thereof.

I enjoy writing, but so far none of my novels have ever been finished, alas! I have completed NaNoWriMo twice successfully (though I try almost every year), yet those stories only felt halfway done even if they hit 50K. Perhaps eventually I will finish them. But in the meantime, I will delight in learning more about writing by reading.

I must apologize that I may on occasion read some darker stuff that may disturb some people, but I won't mention the really crazy bits unless I give fair warning first. But I will read almost anything as long as it even somewhat interests me.

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Ratings System:
5 Stars: Best book EVER. I would want to reread/rewatch often and make sure I have a copy in an easy to get to spot. Something about the story will always stay with me. Great characters and themes!
4 Stars: Very good! Would keep a copy to reread occasionally, and has lots of enjoyable parts.
3 Stars: Good, not mediocre. May have had some parts I couldn’t delight in, but otherwise a good recommendation for others to try. I would remember the story-line/character enough to make references to.
2 Stars: A meh kind of good. I wouldn't bother keeping a copy, but would try to find someone else who might enjoy it better. May have awkward characters or story-line that I couldn’t get into. Mostly forgettable for me.
1 Star: Did not like. Probably a lot. Would get rid of, but not to my friends.
0 Star: I just could not get myself finish it. Perhaps it might get ton better later, but I’m not sticking around longer to find out. Life is short and I have a giant list of books to read. Maybe someone else would absolutely fall in love with this book. I at least have to read 50 physical pages or 25%.

I will be using half star ratings on occasion.

Previous challenges and such

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Hazel M Bear has read 13 books toward her goal of 25 books.

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