Friday, September 4, 2015

CHALLENGE - Spooky September Challenge - Day 4 [Parajunkee]

How do you do this?
It’s really simple. you do this however you want. You post, using the post-prompt and if you want to share your post, come back here and link it up in the linky list I will post each day. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can post on Facebook or other social media outlets and link back. It’s up to you. The challenge begins September 1st and lasts six days.


So, just who or what is my favorite spooky creature? 



Please let me count the ways I love him!

1. He's a tortured hero... without being the hero, of course. Well, unless you consider teenagers evil, but that's a different conversation. But yes! He certainly has a Tragic Past! Almost drowning (or maybe drowning and reviving? Depends on your canon) because the lifeguards were getting freaky with each other? And before that, probably being teased and hated by all the other kids because he didn't look like them? He certainly had a rough start.

2. Psychopathic Manchild trope is fascinating. He seems to have started the killings not for his own enjoyment, but because he honors his mother this way. Without that lead in, he'd likely be a lot less dangerous unless you purposely pissed him off. 

3. He chest breathes. OMG that gets me. No really, just watch when he stands menacingly and takes those deep breaths before KILLING EVERYTHING. 

4. He is a Big Dude. I have a thing for tall guys, and Jason is no exception. Though the actors playing him have been different sizes, Kane Hodder played him in 4 films, and is either 6'3" or 6'4" depending on where you look. In "Freddy vs Jason" (my favorite of the series!), Ken Kirzinger is 6'5", shown above. 

5. He isn't a good guy, but he's not completely evil. This is more along ideas for him rather than actual scenes from the films, but let me give you a few examples. In one of the early films, they wanted Jason to kick a dog. Kane Hodder adamantly refused because he didn't think that was Jason's character. He agreed that he probably hunted animals for food, but didn't abuse them (that's more Mike Myers style). In also one of them, Jason I believe chooses not to slice and dice a bunch of little kids when given the opportunity. And then for the "Freddy vs Jason" film, one of the script drafts had a part where Jason defends a pregnant girl. They just chose not to use it because they didn't want Jason to be the hero of the film, it was supposed to be for both guys on even ground of equal scariness.

6. He also got to go to space in Jason X. As a serious film, it wasn't that great. But as its own parody it was hilarious and fantastic! I did enjoy how they decided that his future-reincarnation would have sex appeal. Notice the muscular curves of metal, heh.

That's all that's coming to mind right now. I mean granted, I don't want to be brutally murdered by anyone, but as far as killing machines go, I'd have to say Jason is an option. At least it'd be quicker than most others!


  1. Now that I'm old enough to see these movies with the sense of humour they were made with, I really ought to sit down and watch them. Much-younger me would have had nightmares for a month :)

    1. I don't think I saw most of these until I was at least 14 or so, so they didn't really scare me so much (compared to "Orca" and "Gremlins" when I was under 10, eep!). Even the modern "Freddy vs Jason" pokes fun at itself I think while trying to still be a good slasher film, so I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Omg he looks pretty ..erm.... evil? I could never watch those shows n my early years either but I feel like I missed out .

    1. I think his version of evil is really about vengeance, so if a person doesn't do anything bad (sex in his camp, insult his mom, etc), they're safe ;] If you're in the mood to watch them, for variety I would suggest Friday the Thirteenth Part IV: The Final Chapter, Friday the Thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason X, and Freddy vs Jason. Different versions of gore, but they are slasher films, so I'd suggest only if you want to deal with some violence (certainly not on the level of "Saw" and "Hostel", but still a bit gruesome on their own).

  3. I do love Jason! And yes, I think he makes for a better villain because his past (drowning to death (or nearly) while his camp counselors ignored him, being bullied, and loving him mom are all good reasons for him to go on murderous rampages. Teenagers are the worst, but he does kill like he has to, not because he gets joy from it (hello, Freddy). Loved your post!

    1. Hurrah, another Jason fan! I think Freddie just pissed him off, so that one is more of a pleasure killing than all those pesky kids ;D Thank you for commenting!


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