Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I'm sure a lot of us download free romance novels to read because there are SO very many of them out there. And then the little guys breed like rabbits in our eReaders. Why don't we share our reviews/impressions so we can find the best ones to read?

1. Read a free romance book (this was started for legally free eBooks, but you can count anything gifted, borrowed, ARC, etc!)
2. Review it on your blog. If you can and it's still available, share the link to the free book.
3. Link back here by using the code below.
4. Leave your link to the specific blog post (NOT your main site) in a comment on the recent week's TF post or via the linky.
5. Delight in reading reviews by real people who's likes/dislikes you can compare to and thus find a romance you most likely will enjoy :D


Author: Nora Ash - http://www.noraasherotica.com/
Format: Kindle eBook (free at the time on amazon)
Did it feel like a full novel: no
Cliffhanger: yes
Genre: erotica, paranormal
Dates Read: Aug 7-8, 2015
Blurb: Being different had never been easy. 
Of course, after 27 years of living as a social outcast, Selma had become quite accustomed to the isolation and lack of dreams for a happy future. What she'd never gotten used to were the demons she saw; the dangerous creatures masquerading as humans, blending into the regular world as if they belonged. 
No one else ever saw what she did: not when she was younger, and not the night she was attacked by horned monsters, losing the precarious grasp on her already damaged mind. 

Trapped in a mental hospital, Selma's only hope of gaining back her life is a young psychiatrist with smoldering looks and some very disturbing ideas for her treatments. If she is ever to see the outside world again, she must submit to him. 

But he is one of them—and his intentions are far more devious than they appear.

There’s a decent plot here to explain away the very naughty writing, which was unexpected. A touch of medical kink too. It’s not realistic erotica, and may have some trigger warnings for sexual abuse for some people though. Otherwise, good sex story with demons if that’s what you're in the mood for. A good setup for the rest of the series, as you know poor Selma is totally gonna get sexed up at least once for each of the other five books. She does seem pretty stuck right now, so I do have to wonder just HOW she’s gonna get out of this predicament. Later on I may buy the series, because honestly the sex was pretty hot. 

RATING: 3 stars


  1. Branded sounds interesting I don't know if I would be into all the sex though.

    1. It's not so much all sex, but really, that's what the setting is for, especially for the other books I think. I wouldn't suggest it if you prefer more romance or even plot to soften the naughty bits.


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