Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - His Human Omega (#1)


Author: Kady Stewart - 
Format: kindle ebook (free on amazon at the time) 
Did it feel like a full novel: no
Cliffhanger: yes; serial book
Genre: erotica, m/m, abduction, werewolves, non-con romance
Dates Read: Aug 29-30, 2015
Official Blurb: Jace is eighteen and handsome, but socially awkward and fearful. His constant anxiety and obsession with werewolves doesn’t win him many friends - but it doesn't deter a stalker. 

Gavin is the son of the only werewolf slaver in the States, and when he reaches thirty, lonely and unmated, he decides that if he cannot find a companion, he'll make one, instead. From the moment he first sees Jace he knows that no other human will do - but when he takes the boy from his home, it sparks a series of events that neither of them could have ever anticipated. 

Short first part, captured slave youth fantasy is sexy, but rushed.

Downloaded this as I’ve recently been on a darker kick. This isn’t super dark, but it does deal with abduction and coercion (thus, equaling non-consent, not dub-consent). The set up deals with Gavin’s family of werewolves havng a thriving business with human sex slaves. But it seems they’re all tortured to the point of no longer having identities and being pretty broken. Gavin doesn’t want that, so he tries to make a sensual companion out of Jace. In a nutshell, it’s a fantasy, being that we’re expected to believe that in this situation, Jace will care for Gavin in the end. And even though it’s a fantasy, it’s not that brutal, so actually fascinating.

I enjoyed learning about Jace and his POV was very good to form his character. Gavin’s is a little less detailed, so you think he’s nice enough (despite this family business), but you’re not quite sure. If you’re looking for just sex, there’s a wee bit, but certainly the foreplay parts and then a rough BJ later count. There’s not more than a few mentions of the werewolf-ism, which I can only hope will lead to the hinted-at kink later. There are parts where the actions and feelings are very detailed, then the writing kinda zips through something sexy when it would not have hurt to meander through a little.

I’m giving this a higher rating because I enjoyed the flow of this Stockholm’s syndrome ‘romance’. It’s not realistically ugly like other books meant to shock, this is meant to sound sweet. I am very curious about the rest of the series just to find out what happens in the end, but I don’t feel the price is worth it because each other part seems shorter than the first. Definitely putting on my wishlist in case the price drops a bit though, then I’ll snatch it up!

Rating: 4 stars

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