Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MEME - 2016 Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day 5 [Parajunkee]


Technically I already did a 2015 Top Ten post, but let me reiterate a few of them.

This was such a fun read along. I love art deco style, so while reading this, it was fun to imagine all the furniture and architecture despite that not really being important to the plot. My review of this included some comparisons to a video game that I think had quite a bit of inspiration from the book, and how I think my favorite character could have/should have worked out. Also, Dagny was a character I really liked because of the way she refused to give up despite how much crap kept happening.

This one hit all the happy feels when it comes to sorta Star Crossed Lovers. The assassin and the FBI agent. The alpha and the omega. Add the fact they're both hot, they learn to respect each other, they protect each other, and that they won't just magically change to fit each other, it's a great romance. So many of the gay romances seem to just use hotness as a reason to get together (which may be your cup of tea, but not mine the majority of time). Also I loved how quickly I could visualize both guys, though alas there was only one whom I could find a real life actor of, heh heh. Enjoy seeing him and checking out my review if you're interested.

This sci fi book was so full of science, humor, and nerdyness that I don't see how else I could top it. The movie was missing the dramatic differences in how desperate Mark was at times. Definitely a quick read in that you don't want to put it down. Care to read the long review which links the first music video shot in space and another pic of an astronaut? 

These aren't my absolute top three, but I would have to say these three hit me hardest in terms of me wanting to add pics and more info to my reviews because they just triggered so much (in a good way), if that makes any sense. Have you all read any of these?

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