Monday, December 28, 2015

TOP TEN - Top 10 books of 2015

I'm so grateful to starting this blog, as it's led me to finding so many awesome books I may not have even heard of otherwise! Please allow me to share some of my favorites from this past year! (pics link back to their respective reviews if you're curious)

1. First discovery of a story with a hero having to be rescued by his heroine. Also naughty sexual slavery though the pair don't really get into it that way so much. Plus a touch of sci fi!

2. Fun YA with a heroine I liked. Her love interest was adorable and also likable, and they made a pair that wasn't suddenly dependent and annoying.

3. This hero was just wonderful. He has so much shame and guilt, but he's not hateful to others. Still need to read the rest of this series!

4. A lovely story about a young man that didn't feel that much like a regular YA. But sweet with an ending that doesn't need to have everything to make you feel satisfied.

5. Did this for a Read Along and had the best time! Grateful to the group because I may have left this on a TBR list for a lot longer. One of my favorite protagonist females, though I had to rewrite a scene at the very end to feel better about one of the characters I enjoyed best ;)

6. Very enjoyable romance where I could love both the heroine and the hero. They made a great pair overall, supporting each other's strengths and weaknesses. 

7. This m/m romance just hit an incredible amount of tropes that I love. I'm happy Perdita's written many other books, but I fear they cannot compare to how much I love this one!

8. Super fun sci fi that ended up with a good movie too!

9. Fun steampunk novel with an adorable love interest and a heroine that grew on me!

10. Really enjoyed this very different style of this book from a Bulgarian author.

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