Saturday, January 2, 2016

MEME - 2016 Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day 2 [Parajunkee]


So what are some of the great things about blogging in 2015? Please allow me to share:

1. I started blogging at all, hehe! When I started, I had a major worry that this was something temporary, not something I was going to be able to keep up for that long possibly. But though some of my enthusiasm has waned (when I started, I thought of my blog at minimum ten times a day and could not get off my associated twitter account otherwise), it still exists as a nice even ember I think.

2. Hearing about SO many different books that I might never have heard of otherwise, including a couple of ones that were sent for reviews.

3. Joining in a couple of challenges and memes was also fun!

4. Meeting so many other people! Though there aren't very many that I converse with regularly, I still feel very friendly towards them, and love to hear what they have to post and talk about on twitter.

5. Just getting to READ so many books! It doesn't feel like a habit that drags me away from responsibilities, now that I have this blog. Because it feels like I must be responsible by making sure I read those books and post about them!

6. The two read alongs I did were a lot of fun, and I hope maybe I could organize one in the future.

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