Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BOOK REVIEW - Sacked: A gay stepbrother romance

Author: Jack Woolf 
Format: Kindle ebook. Free at the time on amazon.
Did it feel like a full novel: had a beginning, middle, and end, but the second half felt too quick with too little.
Cliffhanger: no
Genre: romance, m/m, stepbrother
Dates Read: Dec 29-30, 2015
Official Blurb: Kellen and Rhett grew up together. The two young men could not be more different. 

Kellen is a rising star in the National Football League. Sensitive Rhett doesn’t like sports. He’d rather read and cook all day. When Kellen’s wild antics threaten to tarnish the family name, Rhett is forced to move into Kellen’s bachelor pad. His only job? Keep Kellen’s name out of the tabloids.

The stepbrothers have not spoken in years. Now they're living together. Kellen keeps acting like a macho jerk, but Rhett clings to the memory of a fleeting moment the young men shared long ago.

Kellen remembers more than he lets on. But his true feelings are buried so deeply, only Rhett can show him how to love again.

One Sentence: Had a good start then just fell flat

Full Review: Rhett was interesting to start, and you preferred him to jerky Kellen a bit. But then he felt almost a bit annoying, and a little too Stepford Wife-ish. And his friends seemed kinda weird. Who would jump to go clean a stranger's house that's a foul-smelling dump? Especially is quick to point out they all have good paying desk jobs. The continued interaction between the two stepbrothers gets interesting, though I don't think it's clear who's parent is whose or when/how they became stepbrothers. It should've been a little more worked with, considering that was supposed to a major hook for this story. 

Then the unveiling of Rhett's feelings happens, a little drama (of which the excuse was BS), and happy times with Rhett being the shy virgin and Kellen being more than ready to get things going. Felt more than a little fake, and made the happy ending seem tripe unfortunately.

Rating: 2 stars

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