Thursday, December 24, 2015

CHALLENGE - Popsugar 2016 Reading Challege

This year I sort of attempted this challenge, and only managed some of the categories (still have to do a wrap up post). I think that's due to two things: One, I didn't start the challenge until June; and Two, I didn't use the list before deciding between books when I wasn't sure what I wanted to read. This year I am definitely going to use the printout (plus take a pic of it to have on my phone) to make better selections! Though I'll still pick books I want to read for other reasons, this will serve well when I'm just trying to pick any book to read. I think I might also add more specific labels on reviews, so at the end of the year it'll be easier to trace everything back, especially for books that fulfill more than one challenge (this being the key reason I'm kind of dreading wrap up posts for this and another challenge). Image below links back to this actual challenge. I hope some of you might do this one as well!

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