Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Vastitas

Author: L.G. Bittar 
Format: Kindle ebook. Free at the time from amazon.
Did it feel like a full novel: yes, though short
Cliffhanger: no
Genre: sci fi
Dates Read: Nov 1-2, 2015
Official Blurb: When the Curiosity rover uncovers a human skull buried beneath the surface of Mars, humankind is faced with one of the most challenging and troubling enigmas it has ever encountered. The brilliant but arrogant physicist James Carpenter is put in charge of the investigation and will stop at nothing to find the truth. However, pitfalls abound because in the universe of Vastitas, nothing is what it seems and the very logic of space and time is questioned. 

Two hundred years in the future, astronaut Daniel Novikov has his own problems to deal with. After a worldwide conspiracy leaves the human race struggling to survive, Daniel comes to the realization that only he has the knowledge needed to avert disaster. But no amount of experience could have prepared him for what he encounters in outer space. 

The two men, separated by hundreds of years, race against the clock in this engaging sci-fi thriller that challenges us to ask ourselves two questions: 

Who are we and what are we doing here?

One Sentence: Fascinating concept that ended a little down, but still a fun read

Full Review:  I read this because I think I was still feeling a bit of a high from The Martian, so anything about Mars sounded good to me. The plot doesn't involve Mars itself nearly as much as the former, at least not until the end. And then it's more of you're just there than you get to see the alien planet.

The time travel part of this was pretty good if a bit simplistic. I was upset that there wasn't much deep characterization, and most of the characters were pretty forgettable. The future society was fascinating, but it doesn't sound very realistic at all. 

Rating: 3 stars

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