Monday, October 12, 2015

MEME - Fright Fall Read-a-Thon [Seasons of Reading] Wrap-Up

While I did not reach all my goals, I think I did pretty well :D
  1. undecided scary book Did not do
  2. When They Shine Brightest - currently 65% - goal is to finish Finished!
  3. Forever Home - not started - goal is to finish Finished!
  4. Rees - currently 15% - goal is to get to 50% only 25% :/
  5. undecided short romance - goal is to start and finish Measure of Devotion (average length) - Finished!
  6. get 50 pages done of any paperback currently being read Did not do
Thanks to Michelle for planning out another fun event to get my butt into gear ;) 

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