Monday, October 5, 2015

MEME - Fright Fall Read-a-Thon [Seasons of Reading] Goal Post

I had so much fun with their summer readathon that I just have to joint his one too! I don't work overtime tonight, so that's a couple extra hours to read than I'd normally have. I'm not sure yet exactly what scary book I'll be reading, so I'm going to leave that open for now (recommendations welcome!). Need to get some books done and out of the way for NaNoWriMo next month. I've been working on that one story for over a month, but only able to do maybe a paragraph or two every week :/ 
  1. undecided scary book
  2. When They Shine Brightest - currently 65% - goal is to finish
  3. Forever Home - not started - goal is to finish
  4. Rees - currently 15% - goal is to get to 50%
  5. undecided short romance - goal is to start and finish 
  6. get 50 pages done of any paperback currently being read

So what are your goals like? Hope to see you around on the twitter tag #FrightFall !


  1. You sound like me, reading several at one time.
    Please stop over to visit to see my FrightFall posts. I am trying to do one daily.

    1. One daily seems like a lot, but I guess with only a few days, it's a good trick to get all our stuff done. Good luck!


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