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BOOK REVIEW - TUESDAY FLIRTATIONS - Teaching the Boss (Billionaires in the City 1)

I'm sure a lot of us download free romance novels to read because there are SO very many of them out there. And then the little guys breed like rabbits in our eReaders. Why don't we share our reviews/impressions so we can find the best ones to read?

1. Read a free romance book (this was started for legally free eBooks, but you can count anything gifted, borrowed, ARC, etc!)
2. Review it on your blog. If you can and it's still available, share the link to the free book.
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4. Leave your link to the specific blog post (NOT your main site) in a comment on the recent week's TF post or via the linky.
5. Delight in reading reviews by real people who's likes/dislikes you can compare to and thus find a romance you most likely will enjoy :D


Author: Mallory Crowe - 
Format: Kindle ebook. Free at the time on amazon
Did it feel like a full novel: full novella 
Cliffhanger: nope 
Genre: romance, boss/secretary 
Dates Read: Aug 30-Sept 1, 2015
Official Blurb: Business-school student April Morgan is ready to graduate--from school, from the secretary pool, and from never-gonna-happen fantasies involving Sam Hunt, her hunky billionaire boss. But when Sam’s girlfriend of the week pushes her too far, April finds herself quitting on the spot with only a mountain of student loan debt to keep her company. In steps Sam’s worst enemy, his father, with a job offer she can't refuse. 

Sam was born into privilege, but refused to live life with a silver spoon in his mouth. After a decade of hard work, he’s on the verge of taking his business public and proving to his tyrannical family that he can make it without their help. When he finds out that April is working for his father, he knows she’s been turned into a pawn in his father’s twisted games. 

Despite Sam’s warnings, April is determined to prove she doesn’t need him to make in New York City. But when she finds documents that could lead to Sam losing everything he’s worked for, April realizes that she and Sam have to work together to save the empire they’ve both worked to build. 

Solid heroine who won’t let her man dictate her life. 

This may have worked better as a longer story, but at the same time, it had everything it needed as is. Billionaire Sam Hunt is doing his best with his fledgling company, always depending on his trusty assistant. Since they’re only friends to start, he has a fling who screws things up between himself and April. April ends up working for his dad, who totally feels like he is always out to get him. Then of course, some romance, some plans, some bits of working together as a team, it’s all there nicely. 

But was it boring, being so complete? Certainly not! Though at first I was bothered by richboy Sam, I really started to like him once the author gives him some heavy history (and not the stupid romantic kind) that he obviously grew from. He does the common “gonna love on you so you won’t be mad” thing with April, but it’s not so annoyingly blatant as other writers have used. April also doesn’t lose her strength throughout the book, and you really hope her stuff will work out for her when she gets into rough patches. 

The one part that unfortunately really brought this book down was near the end. This is how their conversation goes: 

Sam closed the gap between them and set his hands on her shoulders. “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t ask this.” She met his somber blue eyes. “If you really loved me, I wouldn’t have to.” 

FRUSTRATING, ISN’T IT? First off, I can’t stand these kind of hateful ultimatum-like phrases. Secondly, I thought personally that April’s position was ridiculous and not really so defend-able (but I accept that this may be based on my biased feelings of the thing she wants to do). But third, then April just goes off character and starts acting like a needy whiny brat that is annoying compared to how normal she was the rest of the novel. 

There is a HEA ending which I did enjoy, so they make up nicely of course. I just felt that though the drama may have been necessary, it was overloaded and made these two characters feel like they ere acting it out for the sake of dramatic tension rather than just going about their lives. Other than that, a fun billionaire romance, as I haven’t found too many to recommend yet.

Rating: 3.5

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