Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kindle app loving

Just a short post here about my new toy. Not a real Kindle, though I hemmed and hawed about getting it or a Nook a few weeks ago. One of my friends always gushes about it, and the more I saw her with it, the more I really wanted one of my own! I mentioned considering one of the tablets ones, so I could download the opposite app and read both books (so I could pick the lower priced one). I did not know that both apps were available at the time, silly me.

So in order to help me make my decision, I downloaded both apps on my phone, a middle of the road used Samsung Galaxy 3, and figured I could see which one I preferred books in and I could buy it later. Two weeks later however, I really don't see the need to get an actual eReader :3 I like that my phone is lightweight and I really carry it with me everywhere. I'm really surprised just how many books I've read through this past week! Of course I've downloaded a boat load of free books, but actually purchased three I wish to read in particular. Already signed up to BookBub and downloaded the BookGorilla app to my phone. I initially got my first free eBooks on Amazon, but now I can't figure out how I set it up to show my those free titles. Guess it's something I'll keep having to mess with until I remember. If y'all have any recs for other apps/sites, I would be most thankful!

It was this incredible influx of books that I had access to as well as being able to read ANYWHERE that really pushed me to creating this blog. Granted, I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I enjoy having most the setup done. I guess this post is really just a shout out to a great app I never thought I would have gotten (I'm not a paperback snob, I was really mostly cautious of the monetary investment if I ended up not liking it) but really and truly enjoy :D

Do you all enjoy the Kindle and Nook apps? Do you have an eReader or reading tablet? Or do you prefer physical books?

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