Wednesday, June 24, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Planet of the Apes

Author: Pierre Boulle
Format: Paperback (picked up at the used bookstore)
Dates Read: 6/06-6/18/15

This is a harder book to review because it’s a story most everyone at least somewhat knows. But I’ll try!

The novel begins with a couple enjoying a relaxing space flight that find a note in a bottle, and start reading about the bizarre adventure of Ulysse Mérou. Most of the book is what he wrote in the note, in first person. He talks about a voyage he and his two companions undertook to a planet ruled by civilized apes. Other humans are primitive and savage beasts, and Ulysse has to prove he is better than they. Because otherwise such beasts are merely used for inhuman (insimian?) experiments.

The sci fi parts were out there, but sparse. There were some philosophical bits, and of course, ideas about what should be the limits of the scientific experimentation regarding animal rights (not point blank, but it dos make you wonder). I’d only watched the Heston film perhaps two years ago, and I wish I had read the book first. Not because it’s richer, but rather the simpleness of the story translates into a very fascinating screenplay, in my opinion. Certainly does make me want to watch the newest version!

Rating: 3 stars

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